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Use Dapper to Build Data Extracts

Dapper provides an easy online interface  for defining data extracts for internet web pages.

JS2 gives you the ability to run a Dapper extract on a regular schedule and then send you the output.



What is it?
Job Scheduler 2 (JS2) is the Internet Job Scheduler. It is an automation tool that will execute Internet web pages on a schedule that you establish. It can also run special functions that are provided with JS2. 

What can it do for you?
Here are some of the things that you can do with JS2:

  • Monitor Your Website (check response and if it is up)
  • Extract data while you sleep!
  • Copy files from server to server
  • Execute any internet page (even password-protected pages) 
  • Any specialized processing that you define.

With facilities to:

  • Control if and when each job runs
  • Define job dependencies
  • Provide job output and notifications by email or text.


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